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Pest Control Newport

Pest Control Newport

Same Day Pest Control Newport Services

Pest Control Newport has been delivering the most requested and required Pest Control services at reasonable rates. Our trained and exceptional pest controllers team is available for you to provide all the required services even on the same day of bookings. Our local experts provide the upfront and most satisfied same day pest control services without asking for any kinds of extra or hidden charges. We have so many methods to get rid of such issues even in minimal times. Additionally, we won’t use any kind of harsh chemicals in order to finish the task in less time, our technicians use only safe and environmentally friendly solutions, so you can rely on us for this service in Newport.

To make bookings anytime, you just need to make us call on 03 4050 7720. We are always ready to serve you on-time and emergency services.

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Pest Control Newport

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    Professional Pest Control Newport Services

    Professional Pest Control Newport Services

    Pest Control Newport is the most trusted company in your place as you will get the most effective services from us even without waiting for much to receive the answers. We control all types of pests such as cockroaches, spiders, rats, termites and so on. You can rely on us as we have so many satisfied customers which are proof of our worth. Our professional pest controllers technicians believe in providing only safe and noticeable services. So, do not wait for more to let the pests destroy your place completely and hire the most proficient services to get control of the whole populations of the harmful pests. You can make bookings by contacting on 04 8881 1269 any time. Feel free to make bookings even on weekends as we are available 24*7 just to assist you thoroughly.

    What kind of services do we provide to keep pests away from your properties?

    When it comes to pest control, there are a lot of services that we provide. Although there are many agencies providing similar services, our methods and techniques differ from them. We start by inspecting your place and collecting the information of serious pest infestation. Then, according to that, we start the pest removal treatment. The services that we provide are:

    Pest inspection

    Our professionals inspect your overall place. They analyze and make data of whatever is observed. This inspection helps us to understand what kind of pests have infested and how serious the condition is. On the basis of this data, we bring out various methods to control pests.

    Domestic pest control

    Domestic pest control is a very common pest control service that we provide. Most of the homes are infested by pests at a certain point in time. Hence, we provide effective home pest control services. We are capable of getting rid of all kinds of pests.

    Restaurant pest control

    Pests can create a menace in restaurants as well. Restaurants being a public place can have an adverse effect of pest infestation. That is why they must be controlled immediately. Hence, our agency offers quick restaurant pest control services all across Newport.

    Pre-purchase pest inspection

    If you are purchasing a new house, make sure you get a pre-purchase pest inspection done. This is very important because you would not want to live in a house that is infested with a number of pests. Pre-purchase pest inspection ensures that your house will be pest-free.

    Emergency pest control

    Pests can be harmful as well as harmless. However, there can be times when you would need emergency pest control. Some pests that are dangerous and are damaging your belongings need to be exterminated as soon as possible. That is the reason we provide emergency pest control services.

    Same day pest control

    Are you looking for same-day pest control services? Well, we are here for you. We offer effective pest control services on the very same day of booking. You can rest assured that all the pests will be controlled on the same day. Our local professionals help us provide these services.

    Case study

    One of our regular customers complained about holes in her furniture. Our team of professional pest exterminators went there and inspected her house. We found out that her furniture was seriously infested by termites. These termites were feeding on the wood and the walls in her house were also found peeling. We immediately told her to vacate the place and fumigated the whole area for termite control.


    Newport is a serene suburb in Melbourne, Australia. Newport actually has a touch of 90s to its lifestyle with a bit of new development. It is a very good place for people who are looking for a peaceful getaway. This place is out of all the hustle and bustle of city life. It is apt for both families and bachelors. All walks of people enjoy living in Newport. Newport is surrounded by all the water bodies such as oceans and canals, making it people’s favourite suburb to live in.


    1. Do you provide bee pest control in Newport?
    Yes. We do provide bee control services in Newport. Our Pest Control Newport professionals have great knowledge about all kinds of pests including bees. This way we can control bees of all types. We also have the required equipment for bee control.
    2. What kind of pests can you control at your agency?
    We at pest Control Newport control all kinds of pests. The pests that we control with the help of our professionals are Cockroaches, Spiders, Ants, Rodents, Termites, Wasps and many others.
    3. How do I control bed bug infestation?
    Bed bugs hate the smell of strong scents. So, make sure you put some strong scents around your house. You can also put some essential oils in your bedding to get rid of bedbugs. The smells that bed bugs usually hate are cayenne pepper, alcohol, lavender, mint, garlic, cinnamon powder, and so on.

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    The average cost for a home visit including Pest Inspection, Pest Control and Pest Treatment, cost from $100 to $300. There are a lot of factors that often determine the overall cost of the Pest Control Service. The main ones being the type of pest and the severity of the pest infestation.