Bee Removal & Prevention Is Necessary For Protecting Health

Bee’s removal has become an important topic all over the world. As bees prevention is necessary for protecting health. The beautiful bees are dangerous aside and their stings can lead to death. In this article, we are going to discuss why bee removal is important and necessary for protecting health.

Why Is Bee Removal Important?

We all know that bees can sting. And, their multiple stings can make a healthy person dead. But, it is not that bees usually sting. They only sting when anyone annoys them or tries to move their hive.

Even if you are allergic to bees or to their stings. Then, bee infestation can make things worse for you. So, you better do pest removal quickly in your home.

Prevention And Protective Equipment Is Necessary

While doing bee removal, protective equipment is very necessary. You should either wear protective gear or else you can wear heavy clothing to ensure that bee stings will not affect. While wearing the clothing for protection make sure that it does not have any holes. Bees are very smart pests; they can easily find the spot for stinging you. So, you better wear good clothing. Even after finishing removing the hive, bees can follow you. So, before removing the protective clothing do make sure that no bees are following you. 

Now, What Does Bees’ Protective Equipment Includes:

  • Beekeeping hats
  • Bee veil
  • Beekeeping coveralls or bee suits
  • Beekeeping gloves
  • Footwear

These are some of the things which are included in the bee removal protective gear. Without the protective gear, you should never think of doing bee removal. The above things are easily available in the beekeeping shops. So, you can just buy them and safely remove bees from your home.

Bee Stings Can Affect Your Health

Bees stings are a very common problem if you have a beehive in your surroundings. Furthermore, this is an extremely broad truth.

If you are thinking of doing beekeeping, then, the first thing you need to ensure is that you are not allergic to bee stings. If you are then, you should not do beekeeping. Beekeeping requires skill, and as you are not skilled. We recommend you not to do beekeeping. Even if you are not allergic. Still, bee stings can cause severe pain. And, believe us, bee stings hurt intolerably. Beekeeping is not a safe task to do.

For bee removal, contact any local beekeeper or expert home pest control company. They will help you out. As said above, bee removal is a very dangerous job. Even after being very skilled or trained in the removal of bees. Experts or beekeepers get injured sometimes. So, just think you don’t have any experience or skill. There is every chance that you will get injured while doing bee removal. And, avoiding bee infestation can lead to a risk to your or your family members’ health.


Thus, this article concludes the health risk that bees can cause to you or your family members. Bee removal is a necessity, by any chance you should never avoid it.

8 facts Found During An Inspection about termites in Newport

You may be thinking that termites are horrible and nasty pests that are so true as they devastate your place by eating the wood. Moreover, termites never sleep and that is the reason they happily eat away the wood in your home as their food; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! However, apart from these basic termite facts, do you know that ants are termites enemies? If not, we will list them out. 

In general, till day many people do not know many facts about the termites and their behaviour. As a result, they notice these termite facts during the inspection we do for termite control. But if you want to know beforehand about the termite facts that you never heard of before, take a look at the list prepared of many such facts. 

Termite Facts You Might Not Know But Find During Termite Control Inspection

  • Ants: Termite Enemies

The biggest termite fact is that ants are the natural predators of termites. If your place has the biggest colonies of ant mounds, it is very unlikely that the place will have colonies of termite mounds. Moreover, when the wet season comes, though ants nest mutually next to termites, they prey on termites to live. Oftentimes, termites and ants are hostile upon facing one another. 

  • Termites Can Get Into Any Opening

Despite the size of a crack, be it small, medium or large, all termites need is a width of penny size space. The gaps can be even as tiny as a business cards’ width. There are some cases where termites enter your home via an untreated hollow space between bricks and blocks. Besides finding a crack to enter your place, termites also open tiny holes of fibrous material or any drywall in exploring food. 

  • Produce Lots Of Gas 

Another scary termite fact is that they release gas during the breakdown of wood; this happens during their decomposition and waste. It is estimated that termites are one of the pests responsible for the emission of 1 to 3% of methane gas which is 150 million tons. This release of gas from termites in turn affects the climatic changes! 

  • Eat A Lot

As termites never sleep, all they do is eat away the wood at your place because of their all-day-long free time. Hence, we categorise it as a pest that eats a lot. In fact, a termite single colony is capable of eating 1,000 pounds in just one year. If you see their feeding in comparison to baseball bats, it can eat up to 650 bats!! This is one of the scariest termite facts. 

  • Termites Are Very Old 

Although the lifespan of a termite is very short compared with the average life of a human, termites are those species that have been around for much longer. It is scientifically estimated that the earliest humans lived on earth are about 4 and a half million years ago. However, the estimated time of termites earliest living is 250 million years ago. 

  • Build Huge Nests

Termites are capable of building nests, tubes and mounds wherever they travel and live. In fact, nests they build are 12 inches across and large, which can be right at your home. Moreover, the mud-like lines you usually find outside of your home along the walls are mud tubes to eat wood. However, termites also build floor to ceiling mud tubes in a home that spans 12 feet. In addition to these, another termite fact is that their mounds vary up to 46 feet high! 

  • Queen Termite Lays Hundreds Of Eggs 

On average, a chicken lays 180 to 320 eggs in just a single year. However, despite its size, the queen termite colonies lay around 30,000 eggs in just one day. In fact, the termite queen on average lays an egg every 15 seconds and lives up to 15 to 25 years. It is also a termite fact that a termite queen lives for about 50 years in suitable conditions. 

  • Termites Outnumber Humans

It is quite frightening that for every person on the earth, you will find 1,000 pounds of termites. In the right conditions for living, termites are also more than 1,000 pounds. Moreover, when in turn these termites multiply, they amount to billions in number and outnumber even humans. 

Call For Our Expertise Professionals For Termite Control Services 

The last thing Pest Control Newport doesn’t want is our customers to face any kind of issues, the nastiest pests such as termites. Because you may have no idea even until termites damage your complete home from inside as they are wood-destroying (eating) pests. So, if you don’t want to let those pests eat away the wood at your equity, hire our termite pest control services. We are skilled and we’ll be trained on how to protect your place for preventing termite damage and also avoiding unwanted surprises. 

With the experience in this drive for many years now, we have so much knowledge that we can customize an on-spot treatment plan. However, this step is processed only after a thorough inspection from our side. So, be it for a pre-purchase inspection and control, emergency or same-day services, grab our services at 03 4050 7720